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Words Of Wisdom - Purpose


What is the purpose of life? Many people don't even have time to care about that question, given the push and pull of adult burdens and responsibilities. However, purpose is an issue that is ignored only at a cost to your well being.

Adulthood has only a few main games. There are only three areas we must focus on to get the most out of life. And one of those areas can be called the Great Game of Significance. We each have to figure out how to live a life that has meaning and value for ourselves and/or others.

You can have a million dollars in the bank. You can have a loving spouse. And, if you aren't winning at the Great Game of Significance, you will often feel empty inside, or that your life is meaningless, or what's the point.

People then often try to anesthetize the feeling of emptiness by drinking or shopping or overeating. They are trying to relieve the pain of meaninglessness and emptiness that is gnawing at them. Pain, however, is a teacher. Emptiness is nature's way of saying pay attention to your purpose.

Nobody asks about your purpose on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. We all act like money and relationships are the only two games in town. But when we ignore our significance, what gives our lives meaning, we will find money and relationships to be unfulfilling.

But the Great Game of Significance cannot be ignored. If you aren't winning at it, life will let you know by feelings of boredom, ennui, dissatisfaction, emptiness. You may question your self-worth. You may not be happy with toys and activities that used to please you. This is just Life letting you know you need to pay attention to living a life with purpose.

So what is your purpose? What gives life meaning and richness? What is satisfying at a deep level? There is no one answer. Each of us must discover our own answers. And it isn't hard to do at all. Just a little focus can pay off with lots of purpose. Two places to look are being of service in some way. Giving back. Another is following your passions. Finding and spending time on your passions.

Obviously, there is much more to this whole issue of purpose and meaning. But playing the Great Game of Significance is a great way to add to your satisfaction in life over the years to come. So make sure you spend some time regularly focusing on what gives your life significance!

Words of Wisdom Reflections:

How much do you currently get your sense of worth from what you do?

What would happen if you stopped doing that?

What are three of your passions?  How often do you engage and spend time doing things you are passionate about?

What would you say your purpose is here on this planet at this time?


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