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Words Of Wisdom - Proactivity


What is the purpose of life? Many people don't even have time to care about that question, given the push and pull of adult burdens and responsibilities. However, purpose is an issue that is ignored only at a cost to your well being.

Adulthood has only a few main games. There are only three areas we must focus on to get the most out of life. And one of those areas can be called the Great Game of Significance. We each have to figure out how to live a life that has meaning and value for ourselves and/or others.

Having a good outlook helps in so many ways in life. Some people rise from nothing simply because they have hope and belief. They never stop in their mission and do everything within their power to achieve success and happiness. They have a proactive attitude.

Many seem to believe that life is dog eat dog and me first. They thinking stepping on others is the only way to get to the top. But this attitude causes unhappiness and lots of stress. Hurting others is no recipe for happiness.

Enjoying life and achieving happiness and success are not mutually exclusive concepts. If you are unhappy, it may be that you are spinning your wheels going down the wrong path, or it may be that you are too stressed out.

One secret to enjoying life is to find and live from your purpose and passions. We all are here for a reason that has to do with the heart. Life is about more than just making money. If we don't live from our purpose and passions we start feeling empty and unhappy.

Attaining happiness often depends on discovering and living from our purpose. One way to do this is to see what lights you up in the future. What is a future that calls to you? Another important thing to focus on is living in the present moment. Enjoying and paying attention to what's around you.

Living in and enjoying the moment is important in lots of ways. It makes us happier, and each moment is filled with choices and opportunities that can affect our future. We can be more proactive if we pay attention to what is available in the present to help us get towards our best future.

You have to pay attention to discovering more of your purpose in life. Working towards this purpose at a gradual but steady pace will keep you hopeful even during your darkest moments. You will have a sense of responsibility and this is what will keep your smile on despite adverse circumstances.

The peace and happiness we seek is already within. It just needs to be discovered and unearthed. Embrace what you have right now and be proactive to move towards your goals in the future. Your spirit knows no boundaries, so let possibilities guide you from day to day.

Words of Wisdom Reflections:

How much are you currently proactive?

What are you doing now to take actions to move towards your dreams?

What are three of your passions?  How often do you engage and spend time doing things you are passionate about?

What would you say your purpose is here on this planet at this time?


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