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Words Of Wisdom - Continual Learning

Wisdom.   It leads to a better life.  There are so many ways to grow it and develop it.  The more you have of it the better your life and the lives of the people around you go.  So how to develop more wisdom?   What words of wisdom can help you to add to the quality of your life?

Wisdom comes from integrating understanding and insight with behavior to lead a better life.   So the more understanding and insights you can have about life, the better your choices will be about how to live well.

There are well over 100 insights that can be easily learned and then applied to your life.  If you take one insight a week and try it on and see if it fits in your life and begin to integrate it into action, you can continually change your life for the better.

Here then is one simple insight that can make a ton of difference in the rest of your life.  And that is the wisdom of

Practicing Continual Learning. 

Just because you graduated from school doesn’t mean you are “finished.”  Life itself is a school and we can always learn and grow from what is happening in our lives.

If you make continual learning a practice, you will always be adding insights and understanding into your life on a regular basis.  And this is not hard to do at all.

You can read one book a week or month on a topic of interest to you.   You can get audio books and listen and learn while driving your car.  You can take a course at the local adult education center.  You can watch education shows on the discovery channel or even Oprah or Dr Phil on any topics that interest you.  You can join a talk group or support group at a local church.

The point is to make continual learning a practice.  Make it a habit.  That means taking regular action to learn and add more understanding and insights into your life.  To prime the pump of wisdom by practicing continual learning.

All you need to do is to let your interests guide you.  If you are interested in being more motivated, take a course or read a book on that.  If you are interested in cooking, watch a show on it and then try out some new recipes.  Just learning something new each month and seeing where it takes you will give you a richer, more rewarding life as you develop your own personal wisdom.



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