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Words Of Wisdom About Breakthroughs

In today's hectic world, we've got to get ahead, we've got to worry about what on the news and what's happening in the world, we've got to struggle to keep sane and keep our balance. The circumstances of our lives seem to cause stress and anxiety on a regular basis.

Problems and struggles abound in life. We worry about things, we push at trying to make things work, we have burdens. Breakthroughs are when we get results at long last or things start to work out.

There are several methods for creating breakthroughs when we are stuck in any area. One powerful method is surprisingly simple. And that is to acknowledge the breakdown. Admit that you are stuck or unhappy or struggling in some area.

Instead of blaming others for a problem, instead of trying to put on a good face and pretend everything is fine, admit or acknowledge the problem to yourself. Say to yourself I am unhappy about this or this isn't working in my life.

When you acknowledge that something isn't working, then you can focus on it more effectively. When you can admit problems rather than try to blame others or try to pretend everything is okay, you can set yourself up to be effective in dealing with them. Admitting you are in a rut and getting resigned about your life is a great start towards having a breakthrough and finding new passions.

So, where in your life are you having problems? Where are you stuck? Where are you not getting what you want?

Another method for creating breakthroughs is by asking yourself one question. This question is very powerful and tends to bottom line things. Ask yourself "What in my life shouldn't be the way that it is?"

When you can ask yourself that question, you will start to get a list of answers. All of the answers are clues to breakdowns and potential breakthroughs. My job should be more exciting. I should have more money. If those are your first answers to that question, then you now have possibility and potential. You have acknowledged the breakdown. You have admitted a problem.

Now you can focus. Now you can see if you want to go to work on the issue. Now you can get advice or perspectives from friends. Now you can set yourself up for a breakthrough.

Words of Wisdom Reflections:

Look in the area of relationships.  Finance.  Spirituality.  Where are you having breakdowns?

Acknowledging them is a good start to creating room for breakthroughs!


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