Wisdom Words  

Wisdom Words

What are words of wisdom?  What is wise and unwise?

Wisdom can be defined as

integrating insight with behavior to promote greater wellbeing 

This site promotes words of wisdom to inspire insights and understanding that can change your way of being in the world. 

For example, sometimes you may see two people arguing and have the insight that it's getting nowhere, so you then do the behavior of stepping in and stopping the argument.  Other times you may see two kids fighting and have the insight they need to define boundaries so you then do the behavior of taking no action, letting them fight. 

Wisdom isn't about taking action or not, it's about knowing when to do either.   Running around doing lots of things may or may not be wise.  Keeping busy can keep you from doing what is most important.  It can keep you from inner peace and harmony, which is not wise.  On the other hand, sitting around thinking empowering thoughts without taking any action can also be unwise.

The good news is that there are well over 100 insights that are easy to understand that can shift your way of being with some simple focus and attention.  Insights that can add to your well being and that of those around you.

Go here for a free course on a number of insights that can add to the quality of your life.    And it just could be that any insights that add to the quality of your life are words of wisdom, indeed.



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