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What is Wisdom??

Wisdom is the integration of insight with behavior.  Wisdom is an on-going process of understanding more about how your life and the world works.   There are many paths to gain greater understanding.   This site, 4Words of Wisdom, is just one path to gaining greater insight.

It's designed to add insights to your life that can support you in having a richer, more fulfilling and satisfying experience.  Knowledge is useful, but knowledge without insight and action can just clutter our lives. 

Regularly priming your pump and continually learning about what works in life will pay off for you over the years.  Words of wisdom from any source are worth reflecting on and can be time well spent.  In that spirit, enjoy these words of wisdom! 

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Words of Wisdom to live a more satisfying life.

Learn ways to bring out more of your own innate wisdom!

Live a life more from your purpose and passions.

Some ways to follow your bliss.






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